Next Regular Meeting - November 9, 2020

Our next regular meeting will be on November 9, 2020 - from 6:00 to 7:30 PM and will be a Zoom meeting (see registration instructions below). Please note this is going to be on the 2nd Monday of the month.

South Washoe DEMS November Meeting Banner

Our November meeting, by following the 2020 Election by almost a week, hopefully we will have a good handle on the outcome of the national and local races. To give us a perspective on what happened and what it will mean to our country and to Nevada, we are pleased to have Jon Ralston, the founder and editor of the Nevada Independent, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and opinion website as our speaker. Whenever Jon speaks, he provides great insight to the political world and we are sure he will do so again this time!

As always, this should be another exciting and informative program. We hope to "see" you there!

Zoom LogoPrior registration will be required for this event. To register for this event, click on the button below. Upon registration, you will receive an email with your unique access link to join the meeting using your PC, Mac, or mobile device. You are free to share the registration link, but PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR UNIQUE MEETING ACCESS LINK WITH OTHERS, ESPECIALLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA! You may use your device's audio or call one of the phone numbers listed on the email to hear the conversation. Please use your unique link to logon a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. to make sure you connect successfully to the meeting.

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If you have never used Zoom before, here is a one minute videoOpen in a New Window as an introduction. You may also logon as early as 5:30 p.m. to receive technical assistance with the format. As we get closer to the date, we will announce our meeting's topic and speakers. Come back here or watch for our next regular newsletters for the details. We hope to "see" you there!