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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!

                We are single drips of rain,
                Falling silently into the dust,
                Offering scant promise 
                Of moisture to the thirsty land.

            But, together,
                We can nourish the Earth
                And revive its hopes and dreams.

                We are a thunderstorm.
                            ~Amity Gaige

Following August’s climate change presentation by Barry Chernoch, the energy, passion and concern in our meeting room was palpable. Many SWD members expressed strong interest in taking action to combat this serious global challenge. Suzy Williams put forth the idea to form a committee to explore ways the SWDs could take on this problem.  We met, we brainstormed, we came up with lots of ideas for potential projects. 

Admittedly, global warming is a huge problem and it may seem like there’s little that we, as individuals, can do to combat it. But as that little poem reminds us, that’s not necessarily the case.  For example, each of us speak volumes with our grocery carts every day. Remember when it was almost impossible to find organic produce? Not anymore. Guess how that happened? 

There are so many things we, as individuals, can easily incorporate into our everyday lives that can make a difference. And the South Washoe DEMS want to be instrumental to doing just that. We are hoping that you would like to be a part of this inspiring new project that we are launching. (See Suzy Williams’ related article on the Climate Champions Committee for more information.)

Anxious to get started? Luckily, this happens to be a passion of mine, and I have written numerous magazine articles that address this issue. I thought a good way to start this off would be to share a story of mine that first appeared in edible Reno Tahoe magazine, 30 Ways to Eat, Drink, Grow, Buy and Live Green. You can find it on this link. I encourage you to read it, select even just one thing you are not already doing, and incorporate it into your life. 

I’m also launching a program Meatless Monday Mavens, combining climate action with one of my favorite pastimes: FOOD! Check out the related article in this issue. 

Here’s hoping you decide to be a part of our THUNDERSTORM. SWDs – let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Barbara Twitchell
South Washoe DEMS Chair
August 28, 2019

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
Tomorrow, failed gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt is hosting his fifth annual fundraiser featuring a new slate of political bottom feeders--from fired Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowksi to controversy-laden former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Despite losing his bid for Governor and failing to garner the support of his own family--let alone Nevadans--Laxalt remains committed to a failed strategy of embracing Donald Trump. Read more...

AUGUST 27, 2019
After achieving historical gains up and down the ballot in Nevada last cycle, NV Dems is hosting a new annual event to celebrate our achievements, honor our elected Democrats and start the work of building on our resources to win again in 2020 and beyond. Read more...

AUGUST 1, 2019
In a call with reporters following the conclusion of Democratic presidential candidate debates in Detroit, MI and ahead of a public service forum in Las Vegas hosted by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Sen. Rosen underscored the need to create an economy that works for all Americans and the importance of having this critical discussion in Nevada. Read more...

JULY 23, 2019
In a Friday afternoon news dump, Nevada Senate Republicans filed a lawsuit challenging the removal of a corporate tax decrease that provides supplemental support for our public education system and funding an increase in school safety. Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement: Read more...

JULY 8, 2019
Today, the Nevada State Democratic Party launched its new website and resource for all things 2020 First in the West caucus This website will be a tool for every Nevada Democrat interested in participating in the caucus next February, either during the early vote period, virtually, or on Caucus Day, February 22, 2020.

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