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Historic Election – Making Sense of it All?

The moment has finally arrived. The Election is upon us. As we like to say in Nevada – the chips are all on the table now! And who knows what will happen next? The only thing for certain at this point is that the days ahead will be unpredictable, uncertain and, for better or worse, historic.
For all those reasons, we could think of no one better than Jon Ralston to be our guest speaker for this very unique, unprecedented post-election period. Whatever is going on at that point – clear winners, peaceful transition, ballot recounts, protests, unrest or a multitude of legal challenges – who better than Ralston to guide us through it all? Ralston has been called the dean of political reporting in Nevada and has made numerous guest appearances on Meet the Press, MSNBC, Fox News and PBS. He knows Nevada. He knows his stuff. We are grateful he is willing to provide his knowledge, wisdom and insight to help us make sense of whatever is happening at this sensitive, immensely important period in our Democracy.
You won’t want to miss this meeting. Surely, you will want to be there to hear his presentation, have your questions answered and, just possibly, glean some direction, understanding and hope from what promises to be a very interesting discussion. Hope to ‘see’ you all there!

Barbara Twitchell
South Washoe DEMS Chair
November 2, 2020

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