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Here's Spittin' at You, Kid!

Okay, I admit it. I did it. It wasn’t exactly one my proudest moments – unceremoniously spitting into a little tube – but curiosity trumped decorum. After all, once done and mailed off, I was on my way to learning all sorts of interesting information about my heritage. 

I am far from alone. 23andMe claims over 5 million customers. Ancestry.com recently touted they had surpassed 10 million users. And these are just two of a growing list of companies that offer DNA analysis services. Demand continues to grow. Apparently, we are obsessed with learning about our personal heritage and ethnicity. 

Why? Perhaps because we are a nation of immigrants. Unless your spit reveals the infinitesimally small probability that you are 100% Native American, your ancestors came from a foreign shore in search of a better life for themselves and – well, YOU. 

So, here’s the irony. Why are we, the heirs of immigrants, so interested in reveling in the origin and journey of our ancestors, while denigrating those who seek to emulate them? Have we forgotten that our country’s first emigres were people fleeing to escape religious and social persecution? Perhaps our own grandparents or parents were seeking safety, security, or simply better personal, professional and economic opportunities? Fact is, the door was open for them. Why does there seem to be so much backlash now?

Some might say, “Well our ancestors came here legally.” That’s probably true. But times are different. Have policies changed? Is it harder now? How difficult is the process today? How many immigrants apply? How many are accepted? How does immigration affect us – positively or negatively? This meeting’s guest speaker can answer those questions and many more. In fact, you can actually submit questions on this topic in advance, if you wish (see above section).

Immigration is a hot-button issue right now. And while it helps to be reminded of our own immigrant past, we need answers to more than just ‘Where did my ancestors come from?’ Join us on Monday, February 4th for a fascinating, informative discussion about today’s immigrants. 

Good news: no tube-spitting required.


- Barbara Twitchell, South Washoe DEMS Chair
January 28, 2019

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JANUARY 15, 2019
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