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With everything that has been happening since the 2016 Election on both the National and Local political scene and after reviewing what people said in the survey we had at our February, 2017 meeting, we feel there is a need to send out quick and timely announcements to those of you who are interested.  We understand that not everyone on our mailing list will want to receive these in addition to our regular newsletters so we are making the Action Alert Messages available only to those who sign-up for them.

Initially, we setup 2 types of Action Alert Messages.  The first will be sent during the 2017 and continued during subsequent Nevada Legislative Session as a weekly update. These are called Legislative Alerts.  They will highlight the important actions taken in the last week and what will be happening in the upcoming week.  The second type will be called Action Alerts and will be sent out to let you know about upcoming rallies, protests, meetings or other important issues that need action. And, as we head into the 2018 Elections and beyond, we are adding a third type called Election Alerts. These will be used to announce campaign everts - house parties, fund-raisers, rallies, etc. In 2019, we created a fourth type called Environmental Alerts for for activities or action concerning environmental causes such as: climate change, recycling, land usage and conservation, animal rights, etc.

How to Subscribe to the Action Alert Messages

If you would like to receive our Action Alert messages, please click on the button:

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This will open an email to us that asks for your name and email address and tells us you want to be added to the South Washoe DEMS' Action Alerts list. If you are not already subscribed to our email list, we will contact you for more information we need to add you to our eList. Of course, if you later decide you want to stop receiving future Action Alert Messages, there will always be a link in each announcement to remove you for this special list. Please note this is not the UNSUBSCRIBE link, required by Anti-Spam laws, located at the bottom of the emails.  Clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE link will immediately remove you from ALL South Washoe DEMS emails.

We hope you will sign-up today for our new South Washoe DEMS Action Alerts.